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Ever since the beginning of the global pandemic, private aviation became a go-to choice for business travellers around the globe. According to Lukas Petrauskas, the CCO of KlasJet, a well-known exclusive private and corporate jet charter company, and an ACMI service provider, the demand for private business flights is expected to continue to steadily grow.

Lukas explains, “Businesses opt for private travel for various reasons. Conferences, annual meetings, unexpected negotiations, and urgent business cases are among the most common situations that require private charters. Another reason that is growing in popularity is flying to remote destinations for management retreats, where brainstorming sessions take place.”

Approximately 30% of business flights are prearranged for events like conferences, industry gatherings, or annual meetings. However, the majority of business flights are typically booked on short notice. Lukas clarifies, “Most business situations necessitate ad-hoc flights. Regardless of the urgency of the booking, our main objective as an operator is to uphold the client’s preferred schedule.”

He says that private business travel does not exhibit significant seasonality, although summers tend to be slightly busier. “In the summer months, the demand for private business charters typically rises, primarily driven by potential flight disruptions in Europe. Individuals who would normally travel on scheduled business class services opt for private jets to ensure timely arrival at their destinations without the risk of delays.”

Lukas reveals that it is common for passengers to engage in preparation sessions while travelling to specific meetings. “Considering our passengers’ busy schedules, it is natural for them to utilise their time on board efficiently by preparing, conducting meetings, or strategizing their actions. In such instances, it is crucial for the crew to uphold their privacy and respect their need for uninterrupted focus.”