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Have you ever imagined what it takes to organise every detail of a VIP, private jet business trip? To the end client, it might seem effortless – the passenger enjoying exclusive service with delightful cuisine, all in delectable comfort. But behind the scenes, to create the final result the operator must take a huge series of carefully orchestrates steps, where every detail must be carefully considered and thought through, in order to present that appearance of seamlessness.

KlasJet are the experts in such situations. Our ‘can-do’ attitude is what makes us stand out while demonstrating our ability to go to extreme lengths to satisfy even the most unique or unusual needs of the client. That’s why with that mindset we did not hesitate to say a resounding “Yes! Challenge accepted” when the Lithuanian national news portal announced the ‘Lithuania Goes Yellow’ initiative – a collective campaign calling on the entire country to get behind ‘THE ROOP’ – the band representing Lithuania in the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest taking place in Rotterdam from May 18th to 22nd.

Filmed across multiple locations – KlasJet’s head office, the headquarters campus, and the ramp of Vilnius airport – the KlasJet team devoted huge amounts of personal time and energy into choreographing and filming the video, which features one of the company’s stunning private jets as a walk-through backdrop.

The final product is a superbly executed impressive dance performance where KlasJet team members used their creative imagination, dedication to perfection, and boundless energy in their support for the band whom they are sure will do the whole country proud. The KlasJet team were quick to realise that organising an exclusive VIP flight is not so much different than creating and shooting a top-end dance video. All of the pain and preparation which are invested in the project should go unnoticed when the final product is presented.

After the KlasJet video premiere, company CEO, Rita Domkute had this to say. “I’m really very pleased with the result and impressed by the Klasjet team’s performance. However, that is not a surprise for me – delivering the best possible results after a lot of hard work is what we do here in KlasJet. As a team, we are used to working seamlessly for long hours, and outside of the limelight, to ensure that our clients, often well-known world-class celebrities, receive the quality and polished performance that they deserve. Wishing all the very best of luck in Rotterdam to THE ROOP. Plus, I am very happy to see that this time our team also got some righteously-deserved time in the spotlight.”

Video can be found here: