UAB “KlasJet” (the Company) is committed to taking a responsible role in society and the environment through ethical and transparent conduct. As part of our environmental, social and governance (the ESG) strategy, which is included in the ESG Policy document, the Company sets up the Environmental Management System (EMS) Policy (the Policy) in order to extend its commitment with the protection and preservation of the environment.

Through this Policy, we recognize our duty to assess the impact of our operations on the environment and to mitigate it accordingly.

Our commitment:

This Policy outlines our commitment to environmental responsibility and serves as a framework for setting and achieving our environmental objectives and targets:

  • Compliance: We are determined to comply with all applicable laws, regulations and other environmental requirements related to our operations. This includes international, national, regional, and local environmental regulations.
  • Key environmental aspects:
    • Climate Change Mitigation: We acknowledge the importance of addressing climate change and will work to minimize our relative greenhouse gas emissions. We commit to set targets to minimize our carbon footprint, promote energy efficiency, and explore renewable energy sources.
    • Energy Resource Conservation: We are committed to promote the efficient use of natural resources, including energy throughout our operations.

Other environmental aspects on which the Company does not have a material impact, such as water and biodiversity, are nevertheless continuously evaluated where relevant. We are also committed to implement measures to conserve resources and explore opportunities for recycling and reusing materials whenever possible.

  • Stakeholder Engagement: We are dedicated to actively communicate with our Employees, customers, suppliers, and local communities to promote environmental awareness and encourage them to participate in our environmental initiatives. We are committed to providing relevant information and seeking feedback to improve our environmental performance.
  • Training and Competence: We are committed to ensure that our Employees have the necessary knowledge, skills, and resources to carry out their tasks in an environmentally responsible manner. We are committed to provide regular training and promote environmental awareness throughout our organization.
  • Continuous Improvement: We are committed to continual improvement of our EMS. We will establish and monitor environmental objectives and targets, track our performance, and implement corrective actions when necessary. We will regularly review our policies, procedures, and practices to identify areas for improvement.
  • Emergency Preparedness: We are committed to develop and maintain emergency response procedures to mitigate the environmental impact in the event of incidents or accidents. We will conduct drills, training, and testing to ensure the effectiveness of our emergency response plans.
  • Communication and Reporting: We are dedicated to transparently communicate our environmental performance and initiatives to our stakeholders. We prepare and publish regular environmental reports and seek external verification to enhance credibility.


This Policy is communicated to all Employees of the Company and relevant stakeholders. It is available to the public on our website. The Policy is reviewed periodically to ensure its ongoing suitability, and necessary updates will be made to reflect changes in our operations and the evolving environmental landscape.


The governance of this Policy engages the highest levels of the Company’s leadership and aims to involve all the Employees of the Company at certain extent. The key levels of EMS governance within the Company include:

  • The Chief Executive Officer of the Company (regardless of the exact position occupied) (the CEO). The CEO is responsible for overseeing the EMS Policy. The CEO upon his/her sole discretion and in the manner decided by the CEO annually reviews and assesses progress against this Policy.
  • The Board of the Company (the Board). The EMS Policy and any related initiatives and targets to be established within the Company shall be approved by the Board. The Board shall be informed by the CEO, at his/her sole discretion and in the manner decided by the CEO but always in accordance with applicable legal requirements. The Board is expected to assess the provided information for the purpose of ensuring and encouraging further progress of the Company with regard to its EMS and, if deemed necessary, its improvement.
  • ESG Designated Person (despite of its exact name from time to time) (the ESG Designated Person). The ESG Designated Person is responsible for:
    • annual review of the Policy and initiation of amendments thereto, for the purpose for ensuring that it is focused on value-creation and is in line with applicable legal regulation, aviation business environment and global realities;
    • monitoring its implementation, assessing the degree of compliance thereto;
    • promoting the dissemination of the Policy by creating the foundations of an environmental culture within the Company.
  • Employees. The Employees of the Company shall at all times support the implementation of environmental management system and related initiatives in their daily work and dedicate their reasonable efforts to make continuous progress towards achieving the environmental goals established by the Company.


The Board has approved this Policy and is responsible for the ongoing development of this Statement and Company’s overall commitment to respect environment. This Policy will be reviewed every 2 (two) years, and revised, if necessary, to continue to ensure its relevance in the course of time.

Date of Last Update: 29 January 2024